27 January 2018

Roses for a Wedding Cake

I don't know why, but everyone I  know wants to get Married in a Heat Wave!
Why can't they all be sensible and wait until the weather is so much better for Cake decorating - WINTER would be nice!!!!

So, once again I am trying to make Sugar paste Flowers in the Humidity and Heat.

And what is more - I seem to have forgotten how to make Roses!

(These Ones are Real, 
and it would be nice if I can come close to what they look like).

I have been able to manage to get some Buds working - so IF that is all I can manage - then a bouquet of Buds and filler flowers will still "Fill the Brief".
Oh - and The Client's Brief -

"Make my Cake....
and I want 75 Cupcakes too!"

I suppose that gives me Artistic licence......

* * *
I wrote the above post 2 days ago and didn't get around to pressing "Publish".

Today, it was 39c and I came home
from helping a Friend pack up her Parents Home.

To find THIS!

Now THAT is not supposed to happen!

Two Weeks' worth of work in a melted heap - compliments of our Evaporative Air Conditioning and a very Hot, Humid Day.

I can't fix them - they are only JUST holding together.

With only 3 weeks to the Wedding and more Humid Weather forecast, I can't afford to have this happen again.
Maybe it is time to look into Cold Porcelain instead?

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  1. Oh, that's very disappointing after all your work! I think I would have just sat down and cried at that.