8 February 2018

Wedding Flowers - How is it going?

Following on from the heartbreaking mess of my last post.

Some of the Flowers and Foliage that I have made for the Wedding Cake are totally unusable...

But with valuable advice from a Cake Decorating Colleague, I have been able to salvage SOME elements.

And then it was back to the beginning - Make more Roses...

1 Large
2 Medium Half Blooms
6 Small Buds
and Leaves

lots and lots of leaves

Under the watchful eye of "He who wants to be Involved in everything"

They were safely stowed in a Large Cardboard Box to dry - away from the Humidity,
and any other Perils. . .

It was then on to the Filler Flowers.

All Bouquets need their supporting act and Filler Flowers can be fun to make as they rarely need to resemble any specific Bloom.

From here the artistry comes in -
Bringing to Life dull lifeless bits of Icing, just like a Make-up Artist, by dusting with Petal dust and Powdered Chalks.

The dust gets EVERYWHERE-
Yesterday, I had Sparkly Sunbeams dancing across the Kitchen Table...

And CAREFULLY steaming them (yes Steam!) to set the colours.

Using too much steam will melt your Blooms OR give them an unappealing Waxy/Wet look, as in Bloom #3.

From here it is on the The Part that I do enjoy the most.
In my Next Post I will show you How I Pull all these together into a Bouquet for the Wedding Cake!

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  1. I've been wondering about how it was going! Happy to see that you have moved on from the dreadful disappointment, and are making progress (and beautiful flowers).