27 February 2018

Honey Harvest and Bonus Bees Wax

Since my last Post I have been to the local Brewing Supplies shop and bought a length of 25 mm Food-grade tubing to extend the Flow tubes into the Bucket.

A small roll of Blu-tack around the tube at the lid and it became Spill, Water and Anything-else proof.
So, with that happily flowing by itself, we went inside to tackle...

...The Messy Bit!!

We now have the task of removing the Honey from the Traditional Frames.
Without any specialist Honey Extraction equipment, It is sticky and messy and...

Those frames I put into the Hive back in March - looks like they did not have Foundation Wax on them. 
That means TWO frames have 100% Bee-made edible Honey in the Comb.

All we have to do is cut the comb out of the frame and box it up!

The rest of it - Urgh.
Pretty unusable as far as the Honey is concerned.  It is very strong Brood Honey and most of the frames will go back to feed the Girls over Winter.

And those that are very old?
I am told They produce the Best Candle Wax, so will be melted down, filtered and added to the growing collection of Bees Wax.

I am still trying to work out the best way to do this.
But on a day like today when it is good an Hot.
Outside on the Deck under Glass = Solar Oven!

Is it worth it?

Of Course it is! - Without Bees we won't survive. 
We give them a Safe place to live and in return
They Pollinate our Crops and provide us with the most beautiful healthy liquid that is HONEY.

We Harvested 9 Kg of Honey from 4 Flow Frames and 3.8 Kg of Honeycomb from 2 Full Frames.

And The Girls have more than enough in Store to last them over a Melbourne Winter.


  1. What a delicious harvest....

  2. O_O WOW!!! Oh those jars of honey just look so enticing!

    First thoughts were:
    Love the food-grade tube into the lid. That's a lot of honeycomb boxed up!
    Ooooooooo beeswax. I look forward to when you and your DD find time to start using some of the wax to make things :D

    Awesome stuff!