14 February 2018

Wedding Cake Part 4 - The Cake Stand

Oh how I have had issues with Cake Stands!

One order a few years ago saw me having to make a much larger cake than the Bride wanted because her MIL-2B insisted on having an exceptionally large footed stand. 

I still believe to this day it would have looked lovely with floating candles in it instead of a cake!

(Click this link to read the full story)

This time the Bride and Groom are wanting a "Rustic Country" Wedding.

The Venue, a Vineyard in the Wine Region of the Victorian Goldfields - Ballarat

So they have opted for a Hand Made Stand using Raw Timber Rounds, which will sit to one side of the Bridal Table on top of a Wine Barrel. 

I finally got the photograph of it yesterday.

I won't be seeing it for real until I get to the Venue to set up on Saturday - SO

Enter a Stand in ..... Cake Stand.

Not terribly stable but enough to show the Couple what their Cake MAY look like...

Although it is a little like doing a dress fitting on a dummy with no Bride to be seen!

And this is what I have got so far ....

Nice to know that those extra Flower Sprays may be able to be used.

I spent today crawling into the back of cupboards and venturing down the Bungalow/Storeroom to find enough containers to transport the cupcakes.

Tomorrow I will start to Bake.
(And Pray that nothing goes wrong!)

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  1. That is an interesting cake stand. Probably not something I would have chosen, but I'm sure you will make it look beautiful.