19 February 2018

Wedding Cake - The Final Chapter

The Weekend is over and the mess has (almost) been cleaned up and I can now sit and write the Final Chapter in the Wedding Cake Posts.

For the Cupcakes, finding the right Cases was the hardest part.
They had to be the 'right' size, be of good quality paper (so any oils in the batter didn't leach through) And of Course they needed to Look Wonderful on the display table.
And they had to be BROWN!

I spent Thursday Morning making cardboard dividers to go in my Cake boxes so they didn't shift in Transit.

And got up REALLY early on Saturday morning to Pipe all the Icing Swirls and add Decorations.

Friday was spent making and assembling the main Cake -
This is the one that the Bride and Groom will Cut together at their Reception.
Stacking it and Making sure it was LEVEL.
0॰ - I am Happy with That!

Now came the 'Tricky' part -

How much Icing DO you put on a Naked Cake?
I have seen some cakes with almost none and some with Lots - So how much is too much?

No Idea!
So I just slathered it on and then scraped it off again - and Hoped for the Best.

Once that was done it was time to box up and Stow the Cakes ready for transport.

Don't forget Your Kit this time! - Essential for Setup and any Repairs that may be needed.
- I also took some extra flowers.

Here's a Tip - when Transporting Cakes, let other Motorists know just WHY you are taking your time over Railway lines and Roundabouts.

My not so little sign was invaluable during the 77 km (1 Hour) trip to the Reception Venue.

Once there, we were able to unload in the shade of the Wide Veranda.

It is times like this I am very delighted to still have my trusty Station Wagon - and a very useful DH as well!

Unfortunately, when you are busy setting up - you tend to forget to take Progress photos.

And in this case the Back light from the Bright Summer Day coming through Glass Doors made it almost impossible. 
It was so bright that at times, we couldn't even see what we were doing.

But the Venue - St. Anne's Winery at Myrniong (Between Bacchus Marsh and Ballarat) was a Beautiful setting for a Country Wedding.

It took an Hour and a Half, from arrival to driving back out the long gravel driveway and leaving weeks of work behind.

Not knowing if the Bride and Groom will like what I have made for them.
Hoping against Hope that the Cakes will be lovely and Moist by the time they are served.

For Me
It is Over.
My Work is Done.

For them
The Journey has Just Begun.

David & Eva
17th February 2018

Postscript:  I am hoping to be able to post more photos later, once I get some that were taken at the Wedding.

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  1. You did a lovely job, Wendy! No one would ever know there were all those problems with heat and humidity.