15 February 2018

Wedding Cake Part 5 - Am I having Fun yet?

This morning I sat at the Kitchen table in Prayer and Contemplation of the day ahead.

I needed all the help I could get!
I Prayed for Clarity of thought and no "unnecessary distractions".

And when I finished I wrote a list,

On my list at the bottom was "Enjoy yourself - this is Supposed to be fun!"
I laid the soft fall matting behind the bench and got started....

Well I got started AFTER washing all the storage containers that I had to put the cakes into once they were baked.

I have lost track of how may times I filled the sink and washed the bowls and beaters and tea cups.
("Stay Hydrated"
was also on the list).

I learnt NOT to turn your back on the mixer if you are trying a new attachment (smaller bowl).
At least this was only a batch of Vanilla cupcakes to ward off the raiding party who wanted 'samples'.

(Sorry folks this is an order - NOT for tasting!)

I Mixed batch after batch of Chocolate Mud Cake.

[I used to LOVE making Mud Cakes as a child and baking them on the roof of the Shed, but then that was when they weren't a "Thing" and were actually made out of Mud!]

And Just as the last lid went on the last container....

Emergency Sirens came wailing into the street
Our 'troubled' neighbour up the road finally set fire to his house.

Well - at least the distraction was AFTER I had packed up for the night!
In the end there was not much damage and we had a nice 'catch-up' with the Neighbours while watching the Firefighters.

Tomorrow - Assemble and Ice!

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