9 February 2018

Wedding Flowers Pt 3

The Humidity is proving to be a constant problem.  I had to stop working yesterday as I felt the flowers were softening again. But Thankfully, the Main Bouquet is Finished and Safely 'under wraps' until I can show it off - ON THE CAKE!

It is always a Good Practice to make more flowers than you need - These things are VERY fragile and can easily be broken.

(See what happens when you don't pack the cake properly

Today it was time to Play with the 'Leftovers'.

A few Leaves and then some Filler Flowers to start with, then a little Rosebud.

Taping each flower to the next with Florists Tape that goes sticky when you stretch it.

I continued to make Small Sprays using what I had to hand, adding a few extra Blue Forget Me Not blossoms. Because all Brides need "Something Blue".

Taping the Sprays onto a heavier gauge Supporting Wire.

At this time my hands were cramping and my fingers sticky from the Florist Tape, but I was enjoying myself.

After I finished playing I realised that I had a spray that could decorate the Bride's Knife and some very usable pieces that can be placed on the cake if needed.


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