10 January 2018

WHY oh WHY ?

We throw a stone into a Lake and we can no longer see it

It is gone yet the consequences of our action can be felt far and wide.

Yes, even to Distant Shores.

Yesterday was one of those days.
Yesterday I held my Daughter as she sobbed in Grief and Disbelief 
Yesterday She lost a Treasured Friend and Colleague.
Yesterday She had so many Questions that may never have answers - 

He worked beside her
He danced at her Wedding
He survived his PhD
He adopted a Stray Kitten
He had Friends and Family that Loved Him
He had so much to live for.

Now He is Gone

Someone had to Find Him
Someone had to Tell his Parents
Who had to Tell his Family
And Inform his Work 
Someone then took the Task of telling each Friend and Colleague.
And Someone held those people as They Cried.....

There is Nothing that is so Insurmountable that you had to do THIS.
* * *

This is not the First time we have been touched by the Ripples of Suicide.
Tragically we have seen it too often.
The dedication in Our Daughters Thesis is to a Beloved Uncle who encouraged her to follow her dream and then never saw it completed.

The actions of a Person so desperate that they take their life - 
It does not end there with them.  
It starts a Ripple of Grief that touches each and every one who have taken that person into their Lives and Homes and Hearts.  Hearts that are now broken.

If THAT person could be YOU - PLEASE seek help
There are people who love you
There are People Who care
Who will live on with the heartache of
"If Only ...."

* * *

The Links below are to Websites dedicated to help you.





  1. What a sad post, Wendy. Sad for your daughter, for you as you try to comfort her, and for so many people who knew her colleague.

    Thank you for including the links to help agencies. I hope someone will be touched and helped by reading this post.