31 December 2017

2017 - The Year in Review


With a liberal dose of Fear and Excitement - DD set off on a Grand Adventure.
A 12 month Research position at the University of Strasbourg in France.

A new BOM - or rather Technique of the Month Quilt
This time - Jinny Beyer's Moroccan Mystery

March began by being frayed at the edges with Allietaire, 
Got Stung several times in the one day by DD's Bees. 
Had my car damaged by an inattentive taxi driver 
and then finished the month off 
watching a doosy of a Cyclone bear down on Friends and Family in QLD. 

Ah - What can I say about April?
April was Paris and Strasbourg.
Cramming our memories with so much Beauty
and then return to celebrate my Father's 94th Birthday.

What happened to May?
I spent my time finishing up Allietaire and my Mystery Quilt sections
only to find I was totally up to date and looking for something to do!

Milestone Birthday for me
celebrated by a trip 'down the Peninsula'
and a ride on the new Eagle Chairlift.

was a month of Highs and Lows

My Istanbul won the Convenors Award
 at the Victorian Quilt Showcase

I said Goodbye to my Dad.


We welcomed GN#3
to the family


Saw us return to Strasbourg
The Excuse? - to see our DD for her Birthday.
and have some well deserved Fun along the way.


Sightseeing by ourselves in Europe in October
or should I say - OKTOBER
and Oh what Sights we saw!

Another Graduation
This Time DS#1
with a Masters of Teaching.

Year ended the way it began - Back at the Airport
This time to bring Our Girl back home.

* * *

I wonder what 2018 will bring?
Happy New Year
to Everyone.



  1. Wow, it was a big year when you put it all together like that!

    Hope 2018 is fabulous.

  2. It seems almost surreal that it all happened in just a single year. So many highs and lows that you navigated and still came out the end with your beautiful smile. :) I loved hearing about your travels over a cup of tea.