20 December 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part 3 & 4

Following on from my last "On Ringo Lake" update.

Things are still hectic at our place - and it is not JUST because it is nearly Christmas.

Sewing is now a 'guilty pleasure' -  nevertheless I have been able to squeeze a little bit in.

Over sizing my small squares and drawing 45° lines on my rectangles sped up the process.

Now I have 30 pairs of Block 3

and a quick way to knock off the rest when I have the time.

Which brings me to PART 4.

More Triangles - not my favourite thing to sew.

Thanks to an Internet Friend - I have been able to at least make ONE sample of the next block - without any diagonal lines!

Once made this block can be cut to produce TWO Units of our Clue 4 Patch.

I think I won't cut these apart until I see where they will be used in the Quilt.

Perhaps another Triangle -
Or a Mystery patch....

Who Knows?

* * * * *

To find out more about this MYSTERY 
or what the next Clue is Go to Bonny Hunter's Blog.

To see what other Mystery Hunters are doing with their Clues


  1. Looks like you have everything under control! I'm also curious about what will happen to the last unit. They can't be setting triangles as they have bias along the edge. So they have to get sewn to something. I guess all will be revealed some time soon!

  2. That is a clever way to prepare clue 4. I am also working on ORL and have just finished clue 5 and waiting for the next. Looking forward to the big reveal.