26 December 2017

Christmas comes but once a Year . . .

Thank Goodness!

Trying to fit in seeing everyone - 
Christmas for us starts the Week before.

Full 'Formal' Christmas Dinner at my DB's place.

And introducing the concept of an Aussie Christmas with Bonbons and Christmas Jokes to DS#2s USA-GF

Oh what Fun!

Christmas Eve meant last minute shopping, wrapping, Planning and Preparing for the next Day.
Lots of Side-tracks. 
Watching the Computer - 
Not for Santa's Journey 
from the North Pole.
But another Special Flight -

Christmas Day - 

Always time for Family and Friends.

This Year - Family not here ...

And an empty Chair that will never again 
be filled.

But life goes on and NEW Traditions need to be forged - 

So on a Day when the outside temperatures were over 30℃

It was bring out the Good China for a Christmas HIGH TEA.

Beautiful Christmas Flavours
in Sandwiches and Individual Pots of Trifle
and Pavlova.

Mince Pies and Special Brewed Tea.

All made for a wonderful alternative to the usual Big Lunch.

And afterwards there was very little washing up.

The Special Flight was watched intently...
Even Artemis was interested to keep an eye on it's progress!

AT LAST it was time to head off to the Airport.
We arrived just as they Landed.

Can you Guess -
I am just a "Little Bit" excited?

It has been a VERY long Year
and one that has not all been Good.

(Dream Jobs sometimes turn out to be Nightmares.)

But finally our Beautiful DD is now back Home!

Boxing Day:
The Day AFTER Christmas.
Traditionally for Us - time to catch up with my DH's side of the Family.

Not This Year.

I may have been over tired and They were very Jet-lagged.

But in a flurry of Gift Paper and Stories -
I had MY family all together in the One Place at the One Time.

Happy Christmas Indeed!

* * * * *
The Lighthouse on my Sidebar

When ever any of my Family are travelling 
I place a 'Light in the Window' on my Blog.
A reminder there are Loved ones waiting at Home.

This image of the Lighthouse at Corny Point SA has been on my sidebar for the year that our DD has been overseas.

She is now safely home.
Time to Take the "Candle from the Window".

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  1. Congratulations on having all your youngsters back home again. A lovely Christmas gift!