12 December 2017

It is Really Good to have your Own Bee Suit

I have been helping DD with her 'Girls' for a while now and I have had to wear DSIL's Suit, which is WAY too big for me, and far from comfortable.
So, I finally decided If I am going to do this I have got to get one of my own.

And just as well I did!

With DD in France and DSIL Visiting her, we went over to check on the house and discovered the Girls had not been tended since Late May/June when I helped pack them down for the Winter.

Other Bee Keepers have been reporting bumper Honey Harvests during Spring and we are already 2 weeks into Summer!

I do not know enough about Bee Keeping to manage a Hive on my own -

but I do know that THIS is not what you want to see.

Time to get the Flow Hive Super on top and Give the Girls some More Room!

And it did not take them long to find their new Space.

5 minutes later and they were already moving in.

I think they will 'Bee' a Lot more Comfortable now

And we can look forward to a Harvest -

If we are lucky ... by the New Year.

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  1. Oh, wow! I will be very interested to hear how the Flow super goes.