11 December 2017

Congratulations are in Order.

Today, it was a Glorious Day and I returned to our Stunning Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.

This time - not for a Craft or Quilt Show
nor a Garden or Any other Exhibition for that matter.

Today we came to Celebrate.

Along with many other Parents, Family and Friends.

Each and every one of these Grandaunts have already completed at least one degree.

But we were only interested in 

DS#1 - 

now has a Masters Degree in Teaching.

He has been encouraged and supported all the way by his Beautiful Wife.

- Who also has her own Masters in Music and Education.

Twin Brother (DS#2) Came along to 'Do His Thing' and get some Family Photos.

In about 18 months time,
the Roles and Robes will be reversed.

A different Son, 
A different University 
A different Subject

And so it starts again.

I am so very Proud of all of them!
A Perfect way to Celebrate my 400th Post

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