5 December 2017

On Ringo Lake - Clue Two.

This week we were asked to Pull out our Coral/Sunrise Fabric.

So, I asked the resident Colour Expert (DS#2) for some help with choosing these.

Many wonderful discussions ensued about what Colours actually make up an Australian Sunrise. We got SO sidetracked, but eventually my Pallet was chosen.

And the instructions said to make Flying Geese.
Lots and Lots of Flying Geese. Many more blocks than we made last week.

I have not made all that are required for the project, but there are enough for this week's photo.

There are many ways to construct this well known block, But how to do them efficiently and accurately AND with no waste OR drawing lines across the fabric?

 Foundation Piecing! and I was able to String sew them as well!!

I would much rather sit watching the Cricket and pull paper out than draw lines on fabric any day! Or I may just leave them in until I know how they are going to be used in the quilt.

And This Week's distraction was - RAIN, and lots of it!

I live in the Northern Parts of Melbourne and are fortunate to have TWO Lakes Close by - and This week they were Far from Tranquil!
And with the rain came cooler weather
- To sew or To Bake?
Ah, decisions decisions.....

* * * * *
It is never to late to join in the Mystery - 
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  1. What colour is a sunrise? A very interesting topic for a family discussion. I like the colours on the geese you have done so far. Very pretty!

  2. Lovely - and I love the background photo too.

  3. Great colours you've chosen for your geese....hmm I am not a lover of PP... rather do lines .. isn't it great we can do sew many different ways of making geese....
    Hope you stayed dry.