November 14, 2011

First Border - One down Three to go....

In Last week's WOW posting I asked for an opinion - the result was unanimous!  The Blue on Blue Posy won the day and here it is.  The back row of petals look a little flat in the photo but actually stand out well against the white background. And just to add some interest I added a little embroidery and some 3D points.
The rest of the border consists of a line of stylised tree sentinels all resplendent with their dots of flowers. These little dots have proved a topic for discussion as to how best to make them.  From using buttons or gathering fabric around washers to....leaving them off entirely! 

I found the best way for me was to simply cut a small circle of 'Floriani' - iron it to a scrap of fabric and.... needle-turn it in place!

So the first piece of the first border is done.  Notice I didn't say completed.  There is still a Basket of flowers to be placed on each mitred corner. But until then.  This is what is looks like.


  1. A lovely border! I do like the blue you picked. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Wendy it looks beautiful, great job. I am working on my second border it sure is a lot of work, but will be gorgeous when done.

  3. Very, very nice. I am loving your color choices
    Pat S