20 November 2011

Peaceful Pathways

Today I was bundled into the car and taken out for coffee.  I have been house-bound for the last 3 weeks and in danger of not wanting to get into the pre-Christmas rat race.
These Family day adventures are just about seeing what is at the end of the road. This time we ended up at Brimbank Park on the Maribyrnong River at East Keilor.

I was not able to walk the Kilometres of trails that entice folk to this park, but found a pleasant surprise between the car and the Leaping Lizard Café at the Visitors Centre.

I thought it a little ironic that the first trip out since my accident would be to walk down a "Peace Path"
The Gateway contains the story of the Path which was built to commemorate Peace Day - August 6th.

And each brick in this path holds a message of Peace or Love to all who walk down it.

As you can see - it is a VERY long path!

Lunch was pleasant and the Coffee - I was told, was the 'best in the west'!  It was made by staff that  made us feel like we had just sat at their own kitchen table.

My DH asked me if I wanted a photo of the path before we left.  I declined, saying it didn't matter. But the Kids all chorused....... "But Mum!....It's a "Peaceful Pathway*....."

*Peaceful Pathways is Esther Aliu's current BOM - a journey I am not taking at the moment - but may.... some day.

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  1. I'm so glad you finally got out of the house!