7 November 2011

Progress Report

It has been just over a week since I fractured my ankle and it certainly has had it's ups and downs.  Up the step to the kitchen and down to the rest of the house!  I never thought that one step would prove to be such a problem.  I just have to decide where I want to spend my day.  Down has a good view, but up is where my stuff is!

The downside to being 'down' is that I  have to ask others to bring me things. Which is why my DH now owes me a new pair of Scissaroos!  He hasn't explained how he managed to drop them point down onto the tiles -
All I got was a sheepish "Sorry" and a box of chocolates!
The last stitch!

On the work front..I have put the last stitch in the Tapestry - Only took me 25 years! Now I have to decide if I want to frame it.

I pulled out an embroidery that was started before I was married....

What concerns me is... Just how long have those needles been sitting there?  ........ It looks a bit sad but it is going to have to stay that way.  That is at least until I can give it a good press and an airing! (It smells like something that has been shoved in a box for 30 years!)

My next post will probably be for WOW - Wednesday let's see what mischief I can get up to before then.

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