16 November 2011

WOW:- Truly a Work in Progress... Block One re-visited

Nine short months ago I got an email.  It was a posting on the SCQuilters Yahoo Group.  It was titled "Esther Aliu's new BOM"  The body of the email referred to "Appliqué" and "Mystery" and I was intrigued...... The rest they say is History!
Block 1 Be Still My Heart
The very first block looked easy enough - yep, ok, why not? Be brave - Give it a go! I posted the photo of my very first block and got some astonishing news ......people liked it......
How encouraging!
It was decided it needed a bit of 'zing', just to bring those hearts out of the shadows.
So some blue thread was added around the hearts. That looks better.
Oh and add the "photo corners" that bit was in the pattern.
I thought, well better use some of the same fabric from the centre petals for that ...
....  Hmmm - lookin' good.
To me, it still looks a little 'empty' - but, it is a mystery after all, and I wonder if it is really done .......

Fast forward to the last page.
The other blocks have been revealed as well as a border with little trees of 3 leaves each - AND... "go back to your first block and add some leaves between the hearts" ......
Block 1 - NOW finished!
NOPE!   I have stuck steadfast to the pattern without changing a thing - (well not counting a tiny little tweak) - changing the colour of the whole quilt doesn't count, really? - - does it?
This time I've added my own flourish - An explosion of needle-turned, fussy-cut butterflies bursting out of the centre.

Oh how much I have learned - how far I have come. (Thank you Esther - and everyone.)

When the central 9 blocks are finally together - I'll have a another look and maybe, there will be a butterfly or two alighting on a leaf or vine.....somewhere.

[PS:  To those who are new to my Blog or Esther's Group, I would like to add.  I had never attempted either appliqué or a mystery quilt before this one.  There is nothing more exhilarating than being thrown off the deep end and finding that you can actually swim!]


  1. It looks great! Smart idea with the butterflies. And... nice to read I'm not the only one who chose this great design as a first applique/mystery quilt project LOL

  2. Love the butterflies! Your first attempt at applique is fabulous. PatS

  3. I agree. The first block looked easy. Esther has a way of getting you into her mystery without too much effort. But the whole quilt is beautiful. Your butterflies are a great tweak.

  4. Oh I love the butterflies what a nice addition.

  5. This is amazing. You made this quilt with your own flourishes and I am so impressed that you stuck with it.

    I know that for a beginner it sometimes felt daunting to face some of the blocks. But you have come through it beautifully, and it goes to show that you should keep challenging yourself because otherwise you wouldnt have such a stunning quilt in your hands.

    I love it Wendy! And I love how you made it 'your own'!

    And, isn't applique totally addictive? I'm sure I warned everyone from the outset...:)