23 November 2011

WOW - Christmas Stocking Swap

I have been participating in a Christmas Stocking Swap through-out the year and I have just parcelled up the last of my gifts.  
It certainly was a Work in Progress!
The idea was a simple one -
Make a Christmas Stocking or Bag, send that off by the end of March.  Then, send a gift each month to put in it. And NO PEEKING!

I chose to make a "Bucket Bag".  This was a great pattern I found years ago, on the blog of a fellow Quilter in Wales.
My bag worked out a bit bigger than the original pattern, instead of the 2 1/2" squares required, I used the squares from a Christmas Print.  It will certainly make a good sized shopping bag for all of my swap partner's Christmas Loot!

I have wrapped each of my gifts as mysteriously as I could and tagged them with individual tags that spell "CHRISTMAS DAY".
And Just because I could - I also made a "little extra" after coming across these fantastic patterns for non-traditional Christmas Stockings.
It was way too cute to make up full size -so I miniaturised it.  I also made a sleeve to go inside, just in-case my Swap Partner would like to stuff it with Lavender or use it as an Ornament or Pincushion!
The $5 - $10 limit made it a challenge to find interesting things to send and I found myself thinking of the swap whenever I went somewhere different.

Now all that remains is to roll on Christmas Day when Swappers from Aust and NZ are finally allowed to Open their Pressies!


  1. Great work Wendy! I wish I was your swap partner. PatS

  2. I love the little stocking. What a good idea to use it as a sachet.

    Flossie in Alabama

  3. I sure would be very happy been the receiver of these lovely gifts Wendy, you really have given so much thought to them. Love the wee stocking, a lovely lovely touch. Cheers Glenda

  4. Sure looks like a fun project I was in one last year it was fun. I had a swap partner in Austrailia and imy parcel did not arrive till after Christmas and I was so disappointed. My partner was very gracious.