30 November 2011

It's Wednesday again......

This week I have been participating in an International Postcard Challenge.  I can't show you what I have made yet, 'cause that will let the cat out of the bag for my recipients. My cards are now "Streaking" through the Post towards USA, Canada and the UK. It will be interesting to see who receives theirs first (and yes Bunny, I remembered the Airmail sticker this time!!!)

For the rest of the week I have been working towards getting a production line going for the remaining centre blocks of Heart's Desire.   Now I think we all know that Esther has a 'thing' for leaves, but when you set about doing 3 blocks at once.... The true enormity of the project hits home.

I decided to trace off as many leaves as would fit on an A4 sheet of paper then scanned it (flipped the image, because I should have traced them off reversed) then cut off some freezer paper the required size. I lightly taped it to a 'carrier' sheet and shoved the lot through the printer.....x 3 copies!

Ok, so it took a wee bit of time - BUT I will never have to do it again!

Before I cut the sections apart I numbered each piece so that I would be sure of pairing them up properly once they were cut out.

At this point I probably should mention that Block 4 of Heart's Desire has 21 leaves and each leaf is in 2 pieces.

No prizes for guessing what I am doing for the rest of the week!

On the Home front, I am pleased to be out of the confines of the Walker Boot and heading for Physio tomorrow.
My Mum decided I needed to go out & was eager to show off the new Coffee Shop that opened while I have been off my feet.
("Cheshire" 2nd last stop on the 112 Tram line) Very nice 'home made' muffins. I wish them well - we need more local coffee shops!


  1. Well the postcard swap sounds like fun! I havent done one of those in years...not that I need more WIPs!

    Yes I do have a thing for leaves, this is true, and I will say that yours look lovely!! Can't wait to see this quilt!

  2. Those leaves are something else, aren't they, Wendy! But I do love how they look in two different fabrics.

    Thanks for inspiring me to get back to my Heart's Desire.

    That muffin looks yummy!

  3. I am impressed that you are still working on HD. I got 5 blocks done before I kind of dropped out. I think I will try to pick it back up after the first of the year....or maybe not.

  4. LOL I hope they all receive them in record time. I can't wait til you can post them. Once you get going on your HD you will get it done. I have put mine aside to get some seasonal stuff done. Hope you are feeling better. I am trying to get rid of stuff in my sewing room.