November 2, 2011

More like an Ouch

WOW this week sees me with my feet up enjoying the life of one who is being waited upon hand and foot. Only problem is...... I had a little mishap which sees me with an Avulsion Fracture of the right ankle and IT is NOT enjoyable at all!

Being one who does not know the meaning of REST
 I have already

          Completed my Sashiko Sampler.....
Almost finished a Tapestry that I started 25 years ago...

and started to teach myself (with some help from Utube) to hand quilt.

This cot panel quilt has been refusing to be quilted for over a year. I have lost count of how many times I have tried only to pull out the horrid stitching.
So ... this is it's last chance - - - IT WILL BE QUILTED one way or another.  Then it will either be a triumph to perseverance or off to the Lost Dogs Home!


  1. One thing is, since you have the opportunity of sitting (or laying?) around all those handwork items can get done. Isn't that nice?

  2. So sorry to hear about your ankle! But on the other hand, a bit jealous that you are completing some projects! I am stuck in a rut at the moment. PatS

  3. Sure looks like you have been busy. Hope you are not in too much pain. Love all you work.

  4. Ouch! Hope you are back on your feet before you run out of unfinished projects.